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CV628H-B42 Smart Board Software Free Download

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CV628H-B42 Smart Board Software Free Download

Information About CV628H-B42

Model. CV628H-B42

Brand. Universal

Wifi Supported. Yes

Ram. 512MB

Rom. 4GB

CPU. Dual Core

OS. Android 4.4

Supported Resolution. Upto 1920*1080

Service Menu Code. Menu+1147

How To Update Software?

Download Your Required File
Extract rar file into bin file using Winrar
Take a USB Disk and Format at Fat32
Copy Bin into Empty USB Disk
Connect USB Disk to Board TV 
Press And Hold Power button on side touch key 
Put the power after four seconds  
After this, Software will Start Updating 
Green light will Start Blinking

CV628H-B42 Smart Board Software

Please match your Specification with these softwares, Then Download the correct software for you board, These softwares are tested. These softwares are USB Update able…

Model File Description Download Link
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366×768_General.part1 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366×768_General.part2 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366×768_General.part3 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366×768_General.part4 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366x768_Samsung.part1 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366x768_Samsung.part2 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366x768_Samsung.part3 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366x768_Sony.part1 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366x768_Sony.part2 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366x768_Sony.part3 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366x768_Sony.part4 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1920x1080_General.part1 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1920x1080_General.part2 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1920x1080_General.part3 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1920x1080_General.part4 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1920x1080_Samsung.part1 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1920x1080_Samsung.part2 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1920x1080_Samsung.part3 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1920x1080_Samsung.part4 Download


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