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CV628H-B42 Smart LED TV Board Software Download

CV628H-B42 Smart LED TV Board Software DownloadCV628H-B42 Smart LED TV Board Software Download

CV628H-B42 Smart LED TV Board Software Download

Hello Friends! You are on PakTechnicians official blog. This blog is created to provide you all Smart and Universal LED TV board Software for free. All software provided on this blog are fully tested, Please use these softwares at your own risk. If you face any problem after installing any software from this blog, You will be responsible for any problem, Not me. Thanks For understanding.
Friends! Today in this post, Available all resolution softwares for CV628H-B42 Smart LED TV Board. So, All resolutions are tested. Please first read how to install software in CV628H-B42 Smart LED TV Board then install any software. 

Details About CV628H-B42 Smart Board

Model: CV628H-B42

Brand: Universal

Android: 4.4

CPU: Dual Core

Ram: 512MB (DDR)

Rom: 4GB (emmc)

Wifi Supported: Yes

Resolutions: up to 1920*1080

Panel Supported: 32″ to 50″

Panel Voltage: 12v DC

Backlight: 65v-80v 560MA

Size: 15*19

Service Menu Code. 

How To Buy CV628H-B42 Smart Board?

There are two ways to purchase this board, If you have a opportunity to purchase this board from your local market then you should purchase, If it is not possible then, You have to purchase it online. I have some website, You buy from these websites and prices are mentioned below.
CV628H-B42 Price: $46.49

How To Update Firmware?

If you want to update software/Firmware in CV628H-B42 Smart LED TV Board. You can follow below instructions to install software successfully without any problem.
1. Take a Empty USB Disk 
2. Format it at Fat32
3. Extract software from .rar to .bin
4. Copy this software into USB
5. Attach USB to motherboard
6. Plug in Switch into 220v
7. Press the Power button on Remote
8. And wait for seconds
9. Red Indicator light will start blinking
10. After some time time will stop blinking
11. Done, Remove USB and start your TV.
Note: Please install a correct resolution in your motherboard according to you panel. Note your LCD LED Panel’s Resolution buy typing model of your panel on google, Then Download the correct resolution.

CV628H-B42 Smart LED TV Board Software

Here are Available some resolutions of CV628H-B42 Smart LED TV Board

Model File Description Download Link
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366×768_General.part1 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366×768_General.part2 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366×768_General.part3 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366×768_General.part4 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366x768_Samsung.part1 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366x768_Samsung.part2 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366x768_Samsung.part3 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366x768_Sony.part1 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366x768_Sony.part2 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366x768_Sony.part3 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1366x768_Sony.part4 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1920x1080_General.part1 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1920x1080_General.part2 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1920x1080_General.part3 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1920x1080_General.part4 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1920x1080_Samsung.part1 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1920x1080_Samsung.part2 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1920x1080_Samsung.part3 Download
CV628H-B42 CV628H-B42_1920x1080_Samsung.part4 Download

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