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A Complete User’s Guide of V59 TV Controller Board

A Complete User’s Guide of V59 TV Controller Board

Hi, Today I have some special for our followers, Today We will discuss about V59 TV Controller Board. As you know, This is very useful TV Controller board. 

LVDS Cable Connection

Please check the inserting condition of each foot. If some foot is not fully inserted (as shown in the Image below), please use tweezers to press the exposure to the top of the foot, let all feet be inserted into well.

Voltage Jumper


Update firmware

1. Take a USB Flash Memory Driver disk.

2. Please select the suitable Firmware Resolution according to Your Panel.

3. Please copy the firmware to the USB Flash Memory Driver disk. Make sure it only has one firmware file that you need Update.

4. Plug in USB Flash Memory Driver disk to the USB port of controller Board.

5. Plug in 12V DC Power Supply.

6. Wait a moment. You will see the Led becomes red and then becomes green. The Led will be flicker between red and green. The LED light is always in the blue after finishing the refresh of the firmware. 

7. Unplug the power supply from the driver board. Then connect the LVDS cable and the LCD panel. Then plug the power to the power input again. Turn on the power by keyboard or Remote controller. 8. Then you will see the controller board can work with the LCD panel

Enter into Factory Mode and set LVDS Map number

If the LCD panel displays the image as below, the LVDS map should be changed. The operation only can be finished via the remote controller.

1. Press the “menu” button on the remote controller.

2. Then press number “1” “1” “4” “7” .

3. The LCD panel will display the following image: 

4. Press “up/down” on the remote controller so that the cursor moves to “LVDS Map”.

5. Press “left/right–right” and go into LVDS Map. Then press “left/right” and change the LVDS Map number to the proper number, the LCD panel will go to the normal picture.


Mirror the image upside down

Please enter into “Factory setting” by referring to images in Chapter 4 first. Then change the “MirrorEnable” value between “ON/OFF” by referring to the following images. In order to rotate the image 180 degrees, please turn off the power and then turn on it after changing “MirrorEnable” value from ON to OFF or from OFF to ON. 


Change the input source via remote controller



Question 1 – The power adapter requirement of the board. 

The board voltage and the LCD voltage are 2 different parameters. 
The board can be worked from +5V to +12V with 3.0A current. 

Question 2 – The LCD panel voltage 
The LCD voltage only can be supplied by the board’s jumper with only +3.3V +5.0V +12.0V. Most of LCD panel works at +3.3V. Normally, the board’s jumper has been jumped to +3.3V and please don’t jump it again. Or else, the LCD will be damaged at +5.0V/+12.0V. 

Question 3 – How to confirm all the connections are in good condition.

First of all, please do not input any signal cable. 
Then power on the board via keyboard power ON/OFF button. 
The following image can be shown on the LCD. That means the board kits and LCD are in good condition. Then you can start use it via plugging in the signal cable. 

Guys If you have any quistion related to this article, Feel free to say in the comment section.

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