TP.56U61.22 Combo Board Software Free Download


TP.56U61.2 is an analog combo LED TV controller board. This new Board has Mirror mood Logo Capture.TP.56U61.2 LED TV Board Designed By the Asia Pacific. TP.56U61.2 It Can support the resolution of 1920×1080 Full HD. Multiple Common Ports Like USB HDMI A/V PC VGA Audio In Audio Out Headphone Antenna Interface.

General Specs Of TP.56U61.22

Model: TP.56U61.22

Main Chip: TS.UMV56RUU-Z1

Board Size: 23.6-38.5 inch

Resolution: 1920×1080

Backlight Volt: 65 V 100 V

Backlight Current: 300-700mA

Output Power: 45W

Mirror Option: Supports

Backlight Adjustment: Yes

Panel Voltage: 12V, 5V

AC Input Power: AC150V-AC264V

Standby Consumption: 0.5W

Output Power Consumption: 75W

Factory Service Menu Code:

Menu Code+ 2580

How to Download and Install Software?

How to Install: This is the same way to install or update software in TP.56U61.22 LED TV Board, If you don’t have information on How to Update software, You should Follow Below Points to Install or Update Software in any Smart Universal LED TV Board.

1- First Download and Extract all parts of your required resolution
2- Take a USB Disk and Format it on Fat32
3- Copy.Bin File into USB Disk and Eject
4- Insert this USB Disk into Motherboard
5- Press the power button on your motherboard
6- After these steps, the Red indicator will start blinking
7- after some time Red indicator LED Will stops blinking
8- Now your motherboard is ready to use in Your LED.

Note: So friends, do not update this software if you don’t have the proper knowledge about this, If you make any issue during the installation of software, You will be responsible for this problem, not PakTechnicians’s team will be responsible.

Here are Available some resolutions of TP.56U61.22 LED TV Board

No Card Resolution Download Link
1 TP56U61.22 480mA_1366X768_LGIR_USB Download
2 TP56U61.22 480mA_1366X768_SAMSUNGIR_USB Download
3 TP56U61.22 480mA_1366X768_SONYIR_USB Download
4 TP56U61.22 480mA_1920X1080_LGIR_USB Download
5 TP56U61.22 480mA_1920X1080_SAMSUNGIR_USB Download
6 TP56U61.22 480mA_1920X1080_SONYIR_USB Download



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