TP.MS628.PB803 Smart LED TV Board All Resolutions Free Download


TP.MS628.PB803 Software Download

TP.MS628.PB803: This is a smart android network board with 1920*1080 resolution supported. This board can be used in 42″ to 65 Inch Screen. TP.MS628.PB803 is a High Definition motherboard and have a powerful Wifi system that can be used to connect wireless internet. If you want to use a Wire Cable internet then you can easily use, because there is available a RJ45 connector that will help you to connect a internet cable. TP.MS628.PB803 Smart board has multiple input ports like HDMI, USB, VGA, AV, RJ45 and more. If you want to use this board in your LED TV then you should have a software file for this motherboard. In this post we have mentioned some resolutions like 1366*768, 1920*1080 for this smart board you can download easily from this website.

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TP.MS628.PB803 Software free download
TP.MS628.PB803 Software free download

TP.MS628.PB803 Specifications

Brand: Smart Network Board

Model: TP.MS628.PB803

CPU: Cortex A7 Quad Core

GPU: Quad Core mali-450MP2

Operating System: Android 4.4



Resolution sup: 1920*1080

Screen size: 42 to 65 inch

TP.MS628.PB803 Software Free Download

TP.MS628.PB803 Software Download: If you are finding the software/Firmware file for this smart board then this website can give you fully tested firmware/software files for free for any Smart Universal LED TV Board. In this post you will be able download TP.MS628.PB803 Firmware/Software files, Also available different different resolutions for screen panels. If you want more smart Android motherboard software/firmware for free then you should search more on this website by Smart Board model number.

How to Download Software/Firmware?

if you are new on this website and want to know How to download any software file from this website then follow these steps to download easily. First of all select your required resolution then click on the download button below of every resolution. Then you will go to the other website and click on the green download button of second website, Now you will see the downloading will be started. After some minutes file will be downloaded in your device. I would recommend you to download this software in your PC. After download the TP.MS628.PB803 1366*768 or TP.MS628.PB803 1920*1080 whatever you want, extract this software with help of Winrar software available in Windows Android both Operating system then copy .BIN file and install it in your Motherboard. If you want to know How to update software in this board then follow below steps one by one.

How to Update Software Firmware?

How to update software in TP.MS628.PB803 smart board: If you are a new technician or new in this field then I will say Install/Update this software in your LED TV at your own risk, because this is a risky. If you do some thing wrong with your LED TV during the installation of the software, I will not be responsible for this act. If you want to update at your own risk then follow these steps carefully.

1- Copy .BIN file into any Empty USB Disk Drive.

2- Connect USB with your mother board and plug-in the main switch

3- After some second you will see, the RED indicator will start blinking Red to Green, Green to RED

4- When Indicator stops blinking, you have to remove USB Disk Drive and you will see the software will be Installed successful and Enjoy it.

Available Resolutions:



Also Available Software for:



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